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Can your company pay its bills when they fall due?

For example you should click ‘No’ if:

(a) You cannot pay VAT owed and frequently fall behind with tax payments when due, and, or have any Corporation tax arrears.
(b) You have payment terms with creditors and you regularly pay beyond these terms.
(c) You owe employees salary and cannot afford PAYE/N.I. when due the following month.

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Can your company pay its bills when they fall due?

(You should include contingent liabilities such as redundancy pay)

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Has a creditor taken legal action against your company for an unpaid debt of more than £750?

Select “Yes” if:

(a) Have you received a Country Court Judgement?
(b) Have you been served with a Statutory Demand?
(c) Have you been threatened with a Winding up Petition ?
The Cash Flow Test
The Balance Sheet Test
The Legal Action Test

Based on the answer you have provided the current status of your company is:



Failure to seek insolvency help can mean the risk to a director increases dramatically and can lead to: wrongful trading; being made personally liable for company debts; director disqualification between 2-15 years and paying compensation to creditors.

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